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Gallbladder stones treatment in Telugu |food for gallbladder |Cure gallbladder|Litchi Tip of the Day


Litchi Tip of the Day brings you one more video for gallbladder disorders The gallbladder is part of the body which is the length of 10 cm height and 3 to 5 cm width. It’s received the Bilious from the liver, absorbing the fat and digestion, and also absorbing fat reducing vitamins A, D, E and K. Bilious helps to take minerals and calcium; the main effect of the gallbladder is getting stones in that. BY gallstones we get the problems like indigestion, gas, filling stomach for less food, Constipation, Nausea, visibility. By taking daily high-fat food and carbohydrates, we get this problem. If gallstones size is big, surgery definitely, if gallstones are small we can reduce this by following some food restrictions, better to avoid non-veg, and don’t drink cool drinks and alcohol. Drink hot water with adding lemon juice and honey in every morning, and drink fresh milk regularly in breakfast, take vegetable soup and fruit salad on the lunch menu, take Boiled vegetables and brown rice, wheat chapatti, and buttermilk, in the dinner menu, by following this we can control gallbladder disorders.

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